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Jan's Visit August 2008

Wisconsin Vacation 2008

  Our Best Friend Rusty left us too soon. 

Grandpa Joseph Chizek's polka music recording career rediscovered

Washington DC Spring Break 2008

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Galapagos Islands Trip

Natalie Horse Back Riding   Nat's web site

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Blanche's 50th

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Nevada Trip December 05

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2004 Highlights

Cameron's Fish           Natalie and new Vizsla Puppy, Rusty


2003 Highlights


Wisconsin Vacation 2003  

Panorama of the Homestead in Palo Alto

1. Street View    2. Back Door View   3.BackYard    4. Front Door View

Live Internet camera views around the house: All are being recorded for security.

2001 Highlights in Pictures

Camalie Vineyards Winemaking Fall 2001

Joseph Chizek - Granpa; Mark's Mother's father

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