Joe Chizek

He played with Romy Gosz and the Paul Gosz Orchestra when they made their first recording in 1931.


Romy Gosz and Paul Gosz's Orchestra Side 1   about 1931, one of their first recordings.

Romy Gosz and Paul Gosz's Orchestra Side 2

Romy Gosz and his Orchestra Side 1

Romy Gosz and his Orchestra Side 2  

Joe Chizek was my grandfather.  His day job was home building and carpentry.  Romy' Gosz's biography  Buy recordings here.

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List of Romy's Recordings

Gosz, Romy R.G.& His Orch. V.1(rcrded' Polkaland 30 Gosz, Romy Vol. II (recorded 1934-35) Polkaland 33 Gosz, Romy Vol. III (1931-32) Polkaland 35 Gosz, Romy Vol. 5 Polkaland 40 Gosz, Romy Romy Gosz Polkas Polkaland 5 Gosz, Romy The 1 & Only Polka King V.8 Polkatime NR7220/PT7501 Gosz, Romy V.9 (recorded early 50's) Polkaland 8 Gosz, Romy Vol. 10 Waltz Time Polkaland 23 Gosz, Romy Vol. 11 Golden Polkas Polkaland 24 Gosz, Romy Vol.12 Dance at Turner Hall Polkaland 44 Gosz, Romy V.13:T/Polka King's Return King 841/Polkatime 502 Gosz, Romy Vol. 14 In Person Polkaland 19 Gosz, Romy It's Old Time" Time" Vocalion 73799 Gosz, Romy with Paul Gosz's Orchestra Polkaland 35 Gosz, Romy R.G.with Paul Gosz Orch(CD) Polkaland CD 601 Gosz, Romy 1935-1936 (CD) Polkaland 602 Gosz, Romy 1938-1939 (CD) Polkaland 603 Gosz, Romy The 1 & Only Polka King1945 Polkaland 604 (CD) Gosz, Romy 1950-1952 (CD) Polkaland 605 Gosz, Romy Polkas & Waltzes 1961(CD) Polkaland 607 Gosz, Romy In Person 1960 & 1963(CD) Polkaland 608 Gosz, Romy(45) Don't Give Up P./Behind the Polkaland 3768 Gosz, Romy(45) Cloverleaf P./Tipsy W. Polkland 634 Gosz, Romy(45) Golden P./Waltzing in the W Mono 012 Gosz, Romy(45) Jumping Jimmy P./Cottage Un Polkaland 602 Gosz, Romy(45) Loudmouth P./Favorite w. Polkaland 3769 Gosz, Romy(45) Village Tavern P./Circling Polkand 1051 Gosz, Romy(45) Broadway P/Tell Me Sincerel Polkaland 603 Gosz, Romy(45) Dove W/Who's Going to Love Mono 008 Gosz, Romy(45) Four Leaf Clover/Alone in t Polkaland 430 Gosz, Romy(45) Merry Month of May P/Let's Polkaland 643 Gosz, Romy(45) Old Lager P/Fairy Tale W. Polkaland 2208 Gosz, Tony(45) Cloverleaf P./Evening Breez Polkaland 068