2008 Highlights

Camalie House was finished and we moved in. This was a big deal after waiting 3 years for the house to be done, but it was worth waiting for.

The green heating system works perfectly and saves big money. We use only solar and wood fire to heat the home.

AJ had her 30th Birthday party bash at the house. This was our best party yet thanks to AJ and Cindy's planning.

Mark's Sister Jan Visited with her family during the summer.

We took our usual Wisconsin Vacation.

The grape yield was off 45% but, the quality was great for the Rusty Memorial Vintage 2008.



Camalie Networks was started up in April with one customer in 2008.

Cameron had his aortic valve replaced just before Thanksgiving. The new valve is working great, improving his energy level significantly.

He is back in school trying to catch up. He was out for 5 weeks including the winter vacation.

Rusty and Mocha both left us this year. We miss them a lot.

Overall it wasn't our best year but, it was still a good year.

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