Wisconsin Vacation 2008


Victory over dead poplar tree.


 Dead poplar before we pulled it out by the roots and replaced with young cedars below.


Grandpa came up to supervise the removal.  Note tree came out roots and all allowing backfill with dirt to support the cedars in its place.  The proprietary technique involves Bow and arrow with string attached to get a pull rope into the crown of the tree. 


Threw a few rocks, pulled some weeds and went fishing.  


Dad's sailboat didn't get into the water.



Cut one tree down but there is always another leaning over the house.


Fortunately some fall away from the buildings.  This one with me in the adjacent boat house after the tornado launching storm below.


Big panarama of the storm.  Scroll right. 









Cameron's fish pens, just like the ancient Hawaians. 













Didn't get any pictures but Brett Farve returning from retirement delayed our take off by 5 minutes.   Looked like Rita Van Sustrind reporting with all the satellite TV trucks and pursuit helicopter following his motorcade.

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