New Home Construction

08/05/08 Gallery Replastering, kitchen, Doorstops, evening views

05/29/08 Gallery Floors, Doors, Paneling, Sinks, Toilets, Showers, Solar Heating System

03/31/08 Gallery Cabinets, Paint, Countertops, Tile, Trellis, Plaster

12/16/07 Gallery  Sheet Rock, Insulation, Copper Roof

11/28/07 Gallery Cave Doors, Copper Roof, Driveway, Solar Panels, Radiant Floors, Masonry Heater, Pise

10/15/07 Gallery  Pise applied, Cave Online, Windows in, Third harvest

8/4/07 Gallery  Pool Plaster, First Swim, Cave Terrace Stonework, Roof Sheeting, Septic

6/23/07 Gallery  Second Floor Framing, veranda, pool house framed

5/19/07 Gallery   Framing well underway, Cave floor in. 

3/14/07 Gallery  Lots of cement and infrastructure

12/23/06 Gallery    Walls going up, more concrete work, electrical in cave.

11/30/06 Gallery    Foundation and mud on a sunny day after a rainy day.

10/27/06Gallery    Piping infrastructure/trenches, Pool cement, Pool house foundation, Cave, tree felled.

9/12/06 Gallery   Retaining walls, foundation

Building Permit was acquired on 8/21/06

Old house demolished about 10/15/05 - real start of construction.

Swimming pool dug in less than a day 8/31/06.  Sorry Mike Mulligan. 









Before Demolition

After Demolition about 10/15/05. 

Miserable old pergola coming down. 

Chimney facade coming off.  There really was nothing worth saving.

Bare site from all angles in the next sequence.

View from the hillside above the home site.

Daniel, Natalie and Cameron in the foundation cut.

Foundation cut and soils preparation.

Hillside where the big pile of cave tailings stood. Now all in the foundation.

View toward upper portal and terrace of the cave.

Foundation cut view from down hill.

Backfilling of the cut temporarily for stability over winter.

Small slump in the hillside after 9" of rain on New Year's Day.  Roots can't hold much when it gets really wet and there is nothing supporting from below. 

Upper level of the home pad. 

Home Plans