2007 Highlights

Natalie got into Horseback riding and swimming.  She made up a little website for fun.

Waiting to go swimming as they fill our new pool.

Cindy Climbed Mt. Whitney with Friends for her 50th.  14,497 ft. elevation.  She's still got it.

Cam Skating

Home construction advanced toward a completion in May 2008.  This was our main focus for the year.

Galapagos Trip in July.  It was a natural zoo with the animals rehearsed by Disney.


Wisconsin Vacation in February to visit Mom and Dad and August for a little fishing.  Cameron with small mouth bass keeper. 

Harvest was excellent with almost 4 tons/acre yield and excellent Quality.  Nice Job Ramon.   We made our ususal 200 gallons of wine with good friends. 

Motes worked well for Soil Moisture and Fermentation Monitoring. I contributed to the success too minimizing our water purchases.

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