Holler Bickerstaff 2003

The major events in 2003 were the replanting of the vineyard;  the passing of Cindy's father Frank and Cindy''s taking a leave of absence from Intel in August.  The kids are growing quickly now in 1st and 4th grades.   Wonderful ages, we are so fortunate to be able to spend lots of time with them.   They are also fortunate to have our time and seem to be thriving on it.  The grape growing and winemaking continues to be a rewarding vocation for me with some of the 2002 vintage turning out to be world class based on more than one blind tasting by people other than us.   AJ took her first job in law enforcement at Macy's nabbing shoplifters.  Niece Cheryl has spent a lot of time with us this year, her last of high school.  

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Blanch and cindy planting Fruit Trees

Natalie and Jesse on a Play Date


Sunken Tractor in the Vineyard

Vineyard at Bud Break

Ramon and Son Planting

New Vines

Cameron and Garter Snake


Natalie and Headless Rattler

Mark and Michaela Mowing with the Landini

Natalie and Doggies

Mark and Cameron at Granpa's with Smallmouth Bass

Cheryl and Hank Clowning

Mark's Vineyard Helpers Checking the Brix

Lab Techs too

Mathew and Michael Helping with Harvest


Cameron and Reptile Friend

Mark and Cindy

Natalie at Her First Grade Desk

Natalie and Pumpkin Pie

Mark Titrating to Determine Acidity

Natalie and Dog

Gary, Tim and Mark at Topping Tasting

Wine Coop Buddies, Tim, George, Michael and Gary

Wisconsin Vacation 03

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