Winemaking Fall 2001

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Tractor and crew picking grapes in the background.   Harvest day 9/29/2001.

Karen emptying a lug into the 1/2 ton bin.

Cameron with a lug he picked from the vineyard in the background.

Tim Cleaning a variable capacity tank.

George bringing more grapes.

Tim, Gary, Carmen and George at the culling table above the crusher.

Assembly line in action.   Child labor in full force.

Glista's Photo Album of the event. 


Hand culling out of stems went on into the night.

Crushing the grapes into a carson bin.

Cameron Punching the must.

Natalie carting off some stems.

Almost finished product.  First test batch.  Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon.

Barrel Tasting with Tim (middle) and Gary(hand on barrel).


Grapes picked  3/4 ton.   Must volume 128 gallons.   Wine expected 60 gallons, ~ 300 bottles.

The grapes have been divided into 4 lots.

A.  70 Liter     upper vineyard     Picked 9/25/01    Premier Cuvee  Cold Soak 3 days.

B. 166 Liter    upper vineyard     Picked 9/29/01    Bordeaux Red

C. 120 Liter    lower vineyard     Picked 9.29/01     Premier Cuvee

D. 110 Liter    lower vineyard     Picked 9/29/01    Bordeaux Red

Test  20 Liter  upper vineyard     Picked 9/15/01    Bordeaux Red  + MLF, Oak Chips.

Ripeness Graph

Fermentatin Graph

Live View of the Forest Winery

Advanced WineMaking Class Paper

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