Harvest Party   

The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes at Camalie Vineyards are at 20.5 Brix on their way to 24 and soon it will be time to pick them.  

When:  Saturday October 5, 2002  Some slight chance this could change by a week if the grapes are not ripe or ripen earlier.  

Harvest will start at 10:00am  as it is best to pick the grapes while it is still cool.   Since there are only 325 of the old vines left it likely won't take long to pick the grapes even though the yield will be much better than last year.  We expect about 3/4 ton of grapes from the vineyard same as 2001 even though 90% of the vines have been pulled.    Don't fret if you miss this picking.  Tips for pickers

Barbecue and Potluck Lunch at noon.   We expect about 30-50 people to show up for the party.   We will have some Hors Derves, sandwich, cheese and fruit platters.  We will also have the two Weber grills fired up and be cooking  ribs, chicken and hamburgers at least.   Of course there will be lots of good wine and beer.   Please RSVP to us at  mholler@pacbell.net and let us know what you plan to bring for the potluck  so we can coordinate if too many people are planning to bring the same thing.   Don't worry if you don't have time to bring something  there should be enough to go around.    The party will continue at least until dusk and we might even have a campfire and do a little singing.  


Walk the vineyard or forest if you like.  There are a couple of miles of roads which can be walked.   See the map below.  The red trails are not recommended after a few drinks.

Bring the kids.   There will be activities and a child care person or two.  We have a big play structure.  Kids will need to be closely supervised though when not in the designated play area as this farm has significant hazards you would not find in a Bay area park, such as uneven ground, things to trip over in the vineyard grass, spiny plants, poison oak and if you are really unlucky a rattlesnake.  

Attire informal. (this place is a farm after all) Casual shoes if you plan to hike the roads.  Clean feet if you want to participate in the ceremonial grape stomping.  If you plan to pick you will need a little more robust clothing.  

Napa Valley has many excellent sleeping accommodations in the form of Bed and Breakfasts. Here are the first couple links I found with Google in 2001.  http://www.napavalley.com/napavalley/lodging/bandb/bbnv/



RSVP appreciated to Mark Holler  at 650-799-6571, mholler@pacbell.net  or to Cindy Bickerstaff at 650-325-4510 , Cindy.bickerstaff@intel.com.  Call or e-mail if you have questions.   

Camalie Vineyards Winemaking Fall 2001

More Pictures of the place. 

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Mark Holler,  Last updated 9/12/02.