Tips for Pickers

Picking conditions are much better than last year because we have kept the weeds down much better and the vines were pruned to some degree last winter.   Below you can see what the vineyard looks like now.   I recommend wearing some good high top boots.  Sandals won't work especially in an encounter with a rattlesnake.  Long pants and long sleeve shirt are also highly recommended.   Reaching into the vines you can scrape up your arms on the old wood if they are bare.   You will probably want to bring something lighter for after picking when it will likely get into the 80s.  Sun Glasses are a good idea too.   Bring your favorite pruning shears if you think of it.   We have grape knives but clippers take less training. 

A typical vine.  10-20 bunches per vine 325 vines = 3250-6500 bunches total.  At 1/3 pound per bunch this is .5-1 ton of grapes.  If 10 people pick, each person will pic 100-200 lbs of grapes which is 3-6 lugs.  If 20 people pick each person will pick 1.5-3 lugs.   You get the picture. 

This is what the rows look like now.   Notice a couple new vines on the left.

Last edited 9/24/02, M.H.