Harvest and Crush 2003

Cameron and Mathew with the 70lb. bin.

Above is a view of the whole vineyard we picked.   Thanks to Mike Mertz for the photo. 

Mike in the vineyard harvesting.

Loading grapes for the trip to Palo alto. 

Cindy, Rich, Mike and George getting ready for the blind tasting. 

Here are the results of the tasting:   

1.  +10  Coop Hybrid wine WCCV6  Cab. Sauv. 2002

2.  +9    Coop WC5  Cab. Sauv.  2002

3.  +9    Heitz  Cab Sauv.  1989

4.  +8    Camalie Vineyards  CV57  Cab. Sauv. 2002

5.  +6    Toscana Mezzapana  Super Tuscan blend.

6.  +4    Camalie Vineyards CV2  Cab. Sauv.  2001

7.  +3    Camalie Vineyards CV1  Cab. Sauv. 2001

8.  +2    Chateau Huff  Cab. Sauv.  2002

9.  +1    Cos D'Estournel Bordeaux  1996

Kids with grapes just before starting to crush.

Crushers Having some fun,  Short movie Clip. (1MB)

Tim, Glista, Carmen, Cindy, Susan, Greta and Sean picking stems.

Mark measuring acidities.

Gary Punching down after all the grapes are in the tanks.

More Pictures of managing the must.

Gary's pictures of racking the wine to the barrels.


WineMaker"s Report 2003

Last updated  10/22/03