Bottling 12/6/03      Fun Captured by Gary Bacon

Cheryl & Mark get an early start 
washing the bottles.
Carmen & Glista seek protection from the caustic meta-bisulfate cleaning solution.
The bottles must be inverted and 
dried before they are filled.
Meanwhile, the boys are in the basement preparing to fill the bottles.
Tim uses a special device that stops when the bottles are full.
Unbottled wine had to be transferred from the 60 gal to a 30 gal barrel.
Mark, the master of gadgets, rigs a pump on the barrel to facilitate the wine transfer.
At one point the gadget was connected directly to Gary’s head to accelerate the transfer of the beverage to the brain.
Mark crawled on top of the highest barrel ensure that the transferred wine wouldn’t overflow.
Adam used an ingenious device that compresses the cork for easy insertion.
Finish one job, start another; Glista and Carmen place the foil seal on the bottle.
After the foil cap is placed on the bottle, it must be heat-shrunk to fit snugly on the bottle.
Tim prepares to attach the labels to the front and rear of the bottles.
The final touch in the process is to place each label squarely on the bottle--a challenging task indeed.
Mike flashes his patented sardonic smile and exclaims “Voilà! Le vin est très bon.”
The fun began when Glista returns with the sandwiches as dark, red wine begins to flow.
Contentment reigned and Tim poured--our wonderful Cabernet, that is.
Adam swirls his glass, takes a gentle whiff, and find the bouquet to be exquisite.
After a long, but spirited process, it was time to reflect on the gift of collegiality and community.
And let us not forget the spirit of the vine that blended with the spirit of neighborhood.