Barrel Mix Party

We met on 12/7/02 to taste the 7 lots of 2002 vintage and decide on how to mix them in the barrels.  Here are some pictures of the fun we had. 

Enjoying Susan and George's Minestrone and Muligatawny. 

Above is the "Wine up" to use a term coined by Glista. 

Host George using that long reach to pour for Tim. 

Lots of Glasses. 

Glista expressing bliss.  I loved the candles and table cloth.   Many thanks to George and Susan for Hosting!

Adam pouring and Connie contemplating packing for business trip the next Morning. 

Jeff and Diane

Mark decanting.  Trying to get that CO2 out. 

Joy and Sonny Tasting.   

Susan took most of the pictures so this is the only one I have of our most gracious hostess on the left. 

Glista and Glasses. 

"Pouring over" the results to decide on how to mix the wines in the barrels.  

Here are the ranking results of the tasting:  

1. 1989 Hess Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon  Score  +12

2.  1999 Rubisow-Sargeant  Cabernet Sauvignon   Score +10

     WineCoop Lot A  

3.  1999 Chateaux Margaux Bordeaux  Score +8

     Wine Coop Lot B

     Camalie Vineyards  Lot H

     Camalie Vineyards  Lot F


4.  Camalie Vineyards Lot E


5.  1999 St. Estephe Bordeaux   Score +6

     1999 Paulliac  Bordeaux

     Wine Coop Lot C


6.  Camalie Vineyards Lot D   Score 0



Barrel Mix Plan


Barrel  WC5 =  Lots A,B        34g. + 32g. = 64 gal.  

Barrel  CV7  =  Lots E,H        28g. + 31g. = 59 gal. 

Barrel  WCCV6 = Lots C,D     34g. + 42g. = 76 gal. 

Barrel  CV8 = Lots F, leftover from AB and CD      14g. + 5g. + 7g. 

Leftover expected = 10g for topping.   


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