Camalie Vineyards Ag Data

Below is the Brix map as of 9/12/06

Below are the corresponding T.A.s


Crop Wt. to Pruning Wt Ratios.

This data is a little odd in that it is based on pruning weights from 2005 and the estimated crop weight for 06.   The goal here is just to take a look at how the vines are cropped to first order.   The conclusion is that most of the blocks look pretty good at around a ratio of 5 but sample location 5 is a little high at 8.8 and the old vines are low at 1.7.   The old vines are fine at this level because they were cropped too heavily last year resulting in later ripening than we would have liked.   The bunches in the old vines were rather small this year too.

Finally the Carmenere has a low ratio probably mostly due to the very high vine vigor it exhibited last year probably partly due to the fact that it set very little fruit last year.   I believe high vigor is a characteristic of the Carmenere based on what Cindy has said.

Photo of some of the more vigorous cab in block 4. 

Last Updated 8/25/06 M.H.