Leaf Roll Virus

Leaf roll virus seen on 47of the 87 CS191 on 101-14 replants in Irrigation block 2.   These vines were planted on June 20 2002.  This photograph was taken on 6/22/03. 

Plantings of 191 on 101-14 in irrigation Blocks 3 and 4 planted in June 2003 are showing leaf roll as well.  Photograph taken 5/31/04. 


These pictures were taken in irrigation block three.  The only vines showing signs of the leaf roll virus are the CS191 on 101-14 vines.   These vines shown in the picture below are all one year old. 

Note, the two year old 191 on 101-14 vines in block 2 are also showing leaf roll symptoms again this year although the vines are otherwise healthy and will produce some significant grapes this year.  We will have to monitor the yield and ripeness of these grapes closely this fall to make a decison about whether or not to replant these vines. 

Last edited 6/3/04  M.H.