Garage Remodel     

Finished and roof oxidized nicely. 5/3/06

Almost finished. Nov 05

Attic office for the farmer.

Below they are pouring the pad for the addition to the garage 6/13.  Since then they have put up block walls for the addition and are ready to start framing the roof as of 7/1/05.




Plans were approved by the county on 4/20/05.

Detailed Plans as of 1/24/05 These are slightly Obsolete.

1871 Mt. Veeder Rd.  Napa, Ca. 94558

Architect  M. Dean Jones


Photo of the existing garage from the uphill side. 


Site of proposed extension to garage.  Note slab remaining from some earlier block building at this site.   Note that the left edge of the slab is 18 ft from the existing garage wall.  Note that there is a drain just to the left out of this picture at the corner of the old pad.  


This is the view of the extention site from downhill.  Note existing foundation at this site.  


Floor plan of existing garage below.  I measured dimensions fairly carefully.  The existing garage doors are not overhead doors but rather slide laterally along the front of the garage. 


Below is a view of the site plan showing the existing garage and its position relative to other structures on the site.  Not shown on this plan is a road to the East of the garage and the cistern which is used by us and neighbor, Domaine Chandon, for vineyard access.   My measurement from the corner of the existing garage to the center of the road by the shortest distance was 66'.  Hence an 18 ft extension of the garage would just fit.   It may be necessary to do a survey to check the setback from the actual property line though which is unknown in this region of the property.  Please advise. 

Requirements for the new design:  

1.  Garage door high enough to allow storage of any of the following vehicles;

    a. John Deere Tractor with roll bar   H 6'4", W 4'6", L 15'6" with backhoe

    b. Landini Crawler with roll bar up   H 7'6", W 4'10", L 15'6" with sprayer

    c. Lund Boat on trailer  H 7', W8'2", L 22'4", 24'7"

2. Covered area over concrete pad to park Pickup truck and do home winemaking crush.  slope in pad to drain it and the roof water to the east.   Existing drain is available at the North east corner of the old pad. 

3. New metal roof for the whole building. Roof must include insulation layer just below the exterior roof surface as is common in metal building designs.  No insulation in the attic joists.  Must be rodent proof insulation.  Increase the slope somewhat to increase the attic volume. Roof should be re-enforced such that a photovoltaic system can be supported. As an example, Marin Solar might be considered as a provider. (We have not spoken with them).

4. Pull down steps to attic.   Larger opening to the attic where a hoist could be hung to lift objects such as home winemaking scale wine press, crusher de-stemmer and wine tanks to the attic level.   Max weight 150 lbs. 

 Last updated 3/21/05  M.H.