Sample Waveforms from MBOX II

The waveform below shows the neural spike like nature of the waveforms generated by the synthesizer. Note in both the main trace and the longer interval waveforms at the bottom of the image that although various waveshapes recurr they don't generally do so on a periodic basis. This is due to the large number of active elements and interconnections, on the order of 150 active "neuron circuit elements" and over 10,000 non volatile analog "synaptic circuit elements" connecting them.

Below are more traces taken with a high bandwidth digitizing oscilloscope which show the high frequency components of the signals clearly. Each image contains two traces taken at the same time from two different "neurons". You can see that the neurons' behavior is coupled (via the synapses).

The waveform below is very close to what a biological neuron pulse would look like although larger in voltage scale.


MusicBox2/Music/Marks111907.mp3  (1MB) This is a random sample I generated on 11/19/2007 using the box in stand alone mode. I am "playing the feedback clock 10 turn pots rather aggressively to create the tone slides but, the rest of the chaos is coming from the cortical neurons firing and the spikes circulating witin the mesh.  This piece expresses the way I perceive my life these days with cell phones, traffic, wife and kids.  Enjoy.  Mark Holler

Last Updated 12/9/2008 M.H.