History of Box II

3/9-3/14 1993  Box I performed at City Center in New York with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.  Mark Holler attended. David Tudor performed.   The notoriety achieved strongly motivated us to build a second the generation device, Box II. 

3/27/93  First powered up EMB which is the core of Box II. 

4/3/93  First sounds from Box II.   EMB mounted into metal PC chasis. 

7/5/93  First Cortical Neuron circuits working in the box.

9/24-30/93  Analog delay line integrated and Chip 5 added with FFT weights.

2/17/94 Last activity for a while.  Mark's son born 5/17/94.  

2/21/98 Installed new hard drive in PC and upgraded to Win 95

5/18/98 Mark on Sabbatical from Intel set up system at 811 Forest Ave.  Started work on graphical UI.

7/5/98  Finished GUI with Tablet input and delivered system to John Adams in Toronto on a 3 day visit.

3/8/02  Box back in Palo Alto, Dimensionality of the system is too high for John to work with.  Nothing can be reproduced.   All sounds out of it are a one time event.  Mark now retired from Intel decided to try automating weight search using PC and soundblaster to capture audio from box, do signal analysis and adjust weights based on "quality" of  "music" produced. 

4/27/02  Last work on Soundblaster direction.  Grape growing, winemaking  and wireless sensor network interests overtaking.

8/31/04  Fired up box II and demonstrated for Bruce McCormick and two coworkers from Intel.  Got 

3/10/06  Forgot about sending box to John Adams 8 years ago and reconsidered sending it to him again.  Added 8 dip switches to be able to operate the box in stand alone mode separate from the computer.   Tested with guitar input and found distortion effects interesting.  More like the box eats the sound of the guitar, and regurgitates it with comment.


Music Box 2