Konrad Leak 4/2/15 - 4/13/15 Photos taken 4/18/15 or as noted.

When no water pressure was found at the sprayer filler the operator came to this riser to be sure the valve to the submain was open. That valve is the orange handle valve on the right which was buried and in the open state already. The operator opened the metal handle valve on the left which regulates flow to the block of defunct risers. He opened this valve expecting to get water at the sprayer filler 50 ft. away. He got no water and didn't bother to walk back to this riser and shut off the valve. They then went up the hill and filled the sprayer at another filler higher up the hill at the main manifold which they opened filling the submain all the way down to the open valve down below which then allowed water to flow out of the defunct risers. They didn't shut off the main at the manifold which would also have stopped the flow. In this photo the line on the left which goes to the defunct risers is cut and in the process of being capped

Taken 4/24/25

Here in the foreground is one o the two risers that the water flowed through. The black hole further up in the photo is where the water struck the ground.

Below is a small landslide and erosion channel at the top of K6, 40' down from where the leak occurred.

Here you can see erosion through the terrace and wet soil along the path the water took to get to the drop inlet.

Below you can see erosion through a berm and another drop inlet on the left that much of the water went into.

Below you can see Wet soil and erosion through the berm.

Here is a picture of the Konrad pond on 4/18/15 after the leak.

The basis for the 675K gallon water loss is a water meter in the siphon line that read 2741700 on 3/10/15  and 3417500 on 4/18/15. The water meter log is available.

There are some additional pictures with redundant content not posted here.

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